Company Advantages

River City Biologicals has been able to establish important relationships with both vendors and customers.

Contracts with River City Biologicals FBS suppliers were established when the demand for fetal blood was limited; at a time when sales avenues were scarce, River City offered slaughter facilities an alternative revenue stream, creating long-lasting bonds between them and the company.

River City Biologicals’ service excellence and high quality products have encouraged brand loyalty among its customers and even among purchasing managers who have moved between companies with the industry.



River City Biologicals holds the ISIA Traceability Certification, which represents successful completion of a 3rd party audit

River City Biologicals is required to maintain record of traceability at all states in the supply chain for serum batches


River City Biologicals is USDA-approved to export blood products directly to the EU, and or to supply blood products to US facilities for eventual export to the EU

Key Business & Assets

River City Biologicals is a successful supplier of flaked material used for maximum yield extraction of enzymes, hormones and proteins

River City Biologicals has a sister company in Brazil, an FBS collection and processing plant

Our cold storage facility gives us 5500 Sq. Ft. of freezer space allowing us ample storage.

Our Address:

813 Southern Expressway
Cape Girardeau, MO 63703